Free sample for Double Sided Fr4 PCB - Rigid-FR4 HDI Printed Circuit Board – Fastline Circuits

This is 6 layers HDI PCB circuit board, from cutting to FQC, we check it carefully all the time in order to provide the best quality to our partner, at the same time, we can reduce the X-out board through recheck , every board must be tested and 100% pass, if don’t need open the testing jigĀ  and we will make the AOI for each board. when we deliver the board, we must be pack it by vacuum packing + carton in order to the board have been broken during delivery. good product , best quality , you deserve. for the board, the details show as below:

Layers : 6 layers

MaterialĀ  : FR4

Board thickness : 1.6mm

Surface : ENIG 2U”

Soldermask : Green

Silkscreen : white

Mini Hole :0.1mm

Trace : 3 mil / 3mil

Test : 100%