Factory supplied Fr4 Led PCB Assembly - 4 layers HDI PCB Assembly – Fastline Circuits

Our products are customized as the gerber file or samples, if not data, you can send some details to us , such as the size of board, how many layers of board, BOM list and so on,  if this , we can provide a probable price to you, if you feel it’s ok, then can send the samples to us. the leading time for the samples is during 7-8 days. we specialized in PCBA for many years and our customers always said our quality and price is good, so  if you have demands, please contact me freely, for this board details show as below:

Layers: 4 layers

Size :  229mmx156mm

Board Thickness : 1.6mm

Surface: ENIG 2U”

Slodermask: Green

Silkscreen: White

Service : One-stop

Supply : Fast